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Duggz found his love for music at an early age. He grew up in a household where only Christian music was allowed. This gave him a strong connection to gospel music such as Fred Hammond, Hezekiah Walker and many others. That strict rule of only listening to Christian and Gospel music made the allure of secular music more enticing.

Along comes a cable channel, called MTV, this new exposure to pop music changed his world. 24 hours of non-stop music! He would sneak into the living room with his sister to watch videos from groups like Aha, Tears For Fears and Michael Jackson just to name a few. 80's New Wave and Pop were styles that he really loved coming up.  Then when Yo MTV Raps popped up a few years later, it changed the game for him completely. He heard the style he wanted to be a part of and his interest just kept growing.

He would go to school with a busted Sony Walkman and record songs from the radio, studying lyrics word for word just so he could recite them to impress friends and maybe a girl or two. He was fortunate enough to attend schools for the performing arts that had programs in Photography, Drama, Music, Visual Art, and Dance.

Dance became a new love but not without resistance. Being inspired by Hip Hop movies like Beat Street and Breakin' made the choice of joining dance easy but, much to his disappointment, the classes did not have any hip hop routines. They focused only on modern and ballet. He tried very hard to get out but his teachers and parents wouldn't allow it so he had to stick to this extremely strict craft.

In the process he learned about musicality, discipline, performance skills, body conditioning, and strategic movement. Eventually he learned that ballet would only enhance the love that he has for music. For example, trying to count the complex rhythms in Igor Stravinsky's Firebird or Agon would make a sane man go crazy but he loved it. He ended up dancing in companies all over the U.S. and traveled all over the world with them. Duggz’s first Broadway show "Memphis" was a great move learning another style in music and movement. During his second Broadway show “Motown The Musical” Duggz and a few of his cast would celebrate on Saturday nights. Some of the cast would congregate to have a drink and relax in a small dressing room, "which we later coined S.N.O.B. ‘Saturday Night On Broadway.’

This is where his career as a DJ would begin. He would mix songs from an iPhone and a shower speaker during those Saturday night S.N.O.B sessions. Each week the party grew and other artists from the Lion King, Wicked, and After Midnight would show up to support and celebrate. Pretty soon S.N.O.B. was shut down due to too many people violating the fire codes! The word grew about his DJ skills and he soon landed his first wedding in the Broadway community for a prominent producer. This only sparked his love for DJing even further.  He enrolled at Dubspot, a DJ school in NYC to take this new craft to the next level. The rest has been history. Since then he has been on demand at bars, clubs, weddings and galas all over NYC and other premier destination cities.